All services are currently  held at Menorah Plaza, 4925 Minnetonka Blvd  St. Louis Park, MN 55416 


Friday Evening

Mincha at candle-lighting time (see our calendar for exact times) 

Short Dvar Torah by Rabbi Shurpin

 Kabbalat Shabbat


Saturday/ Shabbat  


8:30 Class in Chasiduss by Rabbi Shagalow 


9:30am Shachrit


10:30 Short lecture on Halacha in the Parsha by Rabbi Shurpin

Followed by Torah reading, Musaf and weekly Kiddush


Mincha Shabbat afternoon approx. 1 1/2 hours before end of Shabbat (see our calendar for exact times)


Class in Aggadot of the Talmud (Ein Yaakov)  by Rabbi Shurpin 


Maariv - at conclusion of Shabbat (see our calendar for exact times)



Shaachrit 8:30am